USS Renaissnace NCC-74874
Thursday, April 13th,, 2023
Crew Meeting

In attendance

  • Captain Lynn Harper
  • Commander Randy Mitson
  • MCPO Tamara Fisher
  • Ens JG Heather Harper
  • LCDR William Mitson
  • ENS Daniel Roberge
  • ENS 3C Gab Wooltorton
  • LTJG James Arnoldi
  • COL Adam Reiss (CO, Great Lakes Space Station)
  • FCpt John Hardy (UK Ambassador)
  • Stephan (guest from KAG Ottawa)

At 8:00 pm, LCDR Tuix Tre’goK, the Chief Engineer, shared his extensive collection of Star Trek, Star Wars, Transformers, Pokemon, Dinosaurs, and other collectibles with the crew for the first 30 minutes.

At 8:30 pm, Captain Lynn Harper opened the USS Renaissance April Crew Meeting by welcoming everyone. The purpose of the meeting was to have an open conversation with the crew about their preferences for events to be held aboard the USS Renaissance. 


Commander Randy Mitson announced that the Saturday evening watch parties would continue, and the crew could suggest episodes to watch.

COL Adam Reiss offered to host some special watch parties featuring his extensive collection of shows and opened the floor to suggestions. A crew vote would be hosted on Facebook Messenger and Discord to choose the shows to feature. LTJG James Arnoldi suggested hosting trivia nights using Adam’s Kahoot account or Stephan’s Quizzes App. James offered to help organize, and the crew could make suggestions.

The crew suggested hosting events on another night besides Saturday to allow more people to participate. Tuesday evenings seemed to be suitable for many, so it was decided to host special events occasionally on Tuesdays.

LTJG James Arnoldi offered to host a Star Trek TNG Murder Mystery night as he has the game. LCDR William Mitson suggested hosting a role-playing night or table read. LTJG James Arnoldi suggested hosting a table read from Lower Decks, as they are shorter episodes, and the crew could switch roles.


Commander Randy Mitson suggested supporting a local charity, such as a food bank or animal shelter/rescue. Captain Lynn Harper proposed supporting both causes, and the crew could choose which one to support. Commander Randy Mitson suggested looking for local groups on Facebook that support Lost and Found Pets and setting up and hosting local groups if there are none available. 


The crew briefly discussed USS Renaissance merchandise, such as stickers, t-shirts, mugs, and banners. Commander Randy Mitson showed the stickers he had made for the USS Renaissance, Region 13, and Petfleet, which were obtained through special offers on He suggested signing up for the newsletter to receive weekly notices of these deals.


Captain Lynn Harper showed the banners she had made for the USS Renaissance booth at Montreal Comicon, where the USS Renaissance is partnering with the Montreal IKV Rising Phoenix Klingons. Montreal members of the USS Renaissance will be participating in the Canada Day Parade on July 1, 2023.


Cadet exercises will return with the help of Ensign Daniel Roberge, Cadet Audrey Roberge, and Cadet Annabelle Roberge under the guidance of Ens JG Heather Harper. MCPO Tamara Fisher is working on a training video for the cadets.