Computer, reference all known documentation with applicable information.

The humble library: a brick and mortar establishment of yesteryear, a quiet place, a place of knowledge, home to shelves upon shelves of books. If you need to borrow a book, the library is the place for you.

As time went on, what was once home for only documents written and printed on paper became vast databases. Digital books, articles, and documents of all kinds found their way to readers, thanks to library databases.

Even Mr. Spock visited the ship’s library from time to time, as not even a Vulcan could store all known facts and information in their head. They needed databases to store them. From scientific discoveries to mathematical computations, the library housed them all.

While our ship’s library does not respond to voice commands (yet), there is still a lot of valuable information stored within its data banks. Want to learn more about Special Operations and Marines? There’s a document for that. Lost your copy of the USS Renaissance Handbook? View or download a new one right here.

Browse the virtual library shelves below. You just might find what you’re looking for.

I note he’s making considerable use of our technical library. -Mr. Spock

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