If you’ve made your way here, then chances are you’re interested in Star Trek podcasts, or you’ve made a wrong turn somewhere. In either case, sit down for a spell and let me tell you a bit about podcasts.

What is a podcast, you ask? Well, the beginnings go waaaay back to the year 2000, when entrepreneur and internet activist Tristan Louis proposed that video and audio files could be attached to RSS feeds. (RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and is a standardized way of distributing content updates on the internet in a format that any computer can read.) Dave Winer, a software developer and an author of the RSS format, implemented the idea. Think of a podcast as a radio program, but on demand and listenable on any smartphone or computer at your own convenience.

Yet, podcasts were still an obscure way of distributing audio content until 2007, when an application called iPodderX was developed by August Trometer and Ray Slakinski. This allowed consumers to more easily listen to podcasts at their convenience, and the advances in internet and recording technology, which made it more affordable for the layperson to produce their own podcasts, drove the industry to what it is today.

If you haven’t tuned out yet, you will now be rewarded for your patience. Below are links to Star Trek podcasts featuring a member of the Nomad crew! We also hope to begin production on a podcast specifically for the Nomad, featuring as many crew members as are willing to contribute. All you need to do is click on any link below to start listening, or, if you want to subscribe to the podcast (which means you’ll get new episodes the day they drop), you can subscribe to the RSS link, or search for the podcast title in your podcatcher of choice. These podcatchers include but are not limited to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts. To be safe rather than sorry, all podcast episodes come with an explicit content warning, so use your judgment for listeners under the age of thirteen.

Now boldly go into the world of Trek podcasting, and may you live long and prosper!

Star Trek Podcasts
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by Todd Oxtra and Charlie Carden

Two former College roommates, a CaNERDian and a Trek nerd talking about the Geek Life. Movies, Comics, TV, Video games, Toys, Cartoons and more…
A celebration of “the life” that is Geek Culture! The Star Trek and Wars, Comics, Horror, Fantasy, Games, Toys, Cartoons and more…
Secret Friends Unite Podcast
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Boldly Go – A Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Podcast

By Brandi Jackola, Suzanne Williamson

BOLDLY GO: A STAR TREK: STRANGE NEW WORLDS PODCAST is dedicated to the CBS All Access series featuring Captain Pike and the USS Enterprise, warping in sometime in 2022.

Boldly Go Star Trek Podcast
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What the Future Holds – A Star Trek: Discovery Podcast

By Brandi Jackola, Dave Jackola

What the Future Holds is a Star Trek: Discovery podcast dedicated to the 2017 series, following the crew of the USS Discovery.

What the Future Holds - A Star Trek: Discovery Podcast
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Infinite Trek: Exploring the Star Trek Universe

by Aaron Harvey & Brandi Jackola


Infinite Trek will cover EVERYTHING Star Trek from animation to live action, comics to novels, from games to real life tech—if it’s Star Trek or even Star Trek adjacent, it’s here!

So, get ready to talk about Trek no matter what your knowledge level is. Whether you’ve been watching since the 1960s or just discovered Star Trek 47 minutes ago, we welcome you!

Infinite Trek will premiere August 1st and stream live on Twitch, Saturdays at 11:00am PT/2:00pm ET (twitch.tv/outpost13) and drop Mondays as an audio-only podcast on the Trek Geeks Podcast Network!

Infinite Trek: Exploring the Star Trek Universe Podcast
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