Every ship needs a good crew, and ours is no exception. A fully operational starship requires a crew competent in myriad job functions and specialties. Like most other starships in the Federation, our crew members are assigned to departments based on their qualifications and experience in Starfleet Academy. These departments include but are not limited to Command, Operations, Science, Engineering, Security, and Medical. The USS Renaissance prides itself on the integrity of our crew and strives to find a place for anyone who has met the qualifications to join STARFLEET as a crew member.

Officers on the USS Renaissance are diverse in both technical prowess and life experiences. Our ship takes pride in the diversity of its crew members and strives to make the USS Renaissance a welcoming place for everyone who wants to join. Our crew is composed primarily of Earth humans, but the ship is open to crew members of any race or galactic origin.

Our crew live and work on the ship, and USS Renaissance officers have their very own crew quarters once they reach the rank of Ensign. Quarters for senior officers and guests are larger compared to standard crew quarters. Crewman ranks share quarters, typically two to a room.

The Crew Quarters are modular in design to allow them to become larger and smaller as needed. These are located on the upper and lower areas of the saucer section. Officers’ quarters contain a personal work area, a living area with a couch, a dining area equipped with a replicator, a bedroom, and a bathroom. Officers in a domestic partnership can share quarters and have a larger living space and bedroom; bedrooms can be added for cadets. Crewman quarters are smaller with one large living/workspace/dining area, a bedroom with bunk beds, and a bathroom.

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Bridge officers – Captain, Commanding Officer, Yeoman

Department Heads – Chief Science Officer, Chief Engineer, Chief of Security, Chief Medical Officer, Chief of Operations, Chief Intelligence Officer, Ships Counselor, Chief Veterinarian, VIP and special guest quarters


Officer quarters, shared crewman quarters, Marine Quarters, Petfleet K9 quarters, Petfleet Klingon Feline Warrior quarters

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Come aboard and share the experience. A dedicated crew reaching out, sharing a vision, working as a team to accomplish the common goal of helping in their community. Share quality time with other Star Trek fans in online movie and trivia nights, group chats, social media and so much more. Click on the banner and transport yourself onto a ship that makes a difference. Welcome aboard!

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