Production of the Sovereign-class began on Mars at the ASDB Integration Facility, Utopia Planitia and was completed on earth in the San Francisco Fleet Yards. When the Borg were encountered, a new ship was needed, tactically more potent with better shielding and system capabilities.

In 2367, the U.S.S Sovereign – escorted by the U.S.S. Appalachia and U.S.S. Firebrand left Utopia Planitia for warp trials to Proxima  Centauri and back. There are currently a limited number of Sovereign-class starships in service, yet at present, a vessel is nearing completion on earth at the San Francisco Fleet Yards.

What is impressive about the Sovereign-class are its schematics. Its length is 658 meters, width 224 meters, height 88 meters, and 3,255,000 metric tons. The cargo capacity is 58,299 metric tons with a hull made of duranium-tritanium with a micro-fibre reinforced ablative armour.

The main bridge is located at the top of the primary hull and located on Deck 1. The design of the bridge has become a standard for many of the newer starships. The central area provides seating and info display for the Captain and two other officers with fully programmable consoles.

There are two turbolifts on the bridge and an emergency ladder that connect the bridge to Deck three. There is also a door on the bridge that leads to the Conference Room and another leading to the Captain’s Ready Room.

Escape pods are located on all decks below Deck three, hence the ladder on the bridge.

Main Engineering is on Deck 16 that can be closed for internal and external security reasons and just inside is an observation area for technicians to monitor various systems. Directly behind the Master Systems Display is the warp core and main control systems. To the starboard side is the Chief Engineers’ Office and in the center of Main Engineering is the Matter/Ani-Matter Assembly.

The Tactical Department is located in a Restricted area on deck eight and employs fourteen Type-VII phaser arrays at critical locations throughout the ship’s hull. The maximum of the phaser array range is 300,000 kilometres.

Four traditional second-generation torpedo launchers are located within the secondary hull. Each launcher is capable of leading five Mark VI and Mark Q-II torpedoes which has a maximum range of 4,050,000 kilometres. The total payload consists of 175 Quantum torpedoes and 325 photon torpedoes but capable of carrying 500.

USS Nomad Sovereigh Class Starship
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Original artwork by IanKeenanArts



Ship Schematics from Tech Specs – Star Trek A Call To Duty

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