Like any good ship, the crew is the most important component!

Aboard the USS Renaissance, we have a number of departments which you may choose to enroll in : Engineering, Intelligence, Medical, Operations, Science and Security.

You do not need to be an expert in the department you choose. Remember, this is for fun!

Upon assignment to a department, you will have a Chief Officer to whom you report. You can work with your Commanding Officer to determine a field specialty. Initially, you will begin as a Crewman and have the opportunity, if you desire, to move up in rank. Rank progression is based on a points system where you will accumulate points from taking courses in the Academy, or involvement in crew activities – this includes our trivia nights, watch parties and other zoom meetings. We encourage participation in all events hosted aboard the Renaissance for you to fully enjoy the experience of being with our team brings.

We also encourage you to bring your furry, scaly or slimy companions aboard! STARFLEET Petfleet is a recognized group within STARFLEET that allows you to register your pets as crew members.

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Full Members – Handbook Section 02:01

Active participation in STARFLEET International with a current membership as outlined in the Membership Handbook grants Full Member status in the USS Renaissance. Full members can vote on group decisions during regular meetings, and our collaborative approach involves the entire crew in important choices. Enjoy benefits like voting rights in both local and international chapters, access to exclusive chats, and participation in events. Members can also opt for newsletters, explore auxiliaries like STARFLEET Marines or Medical, and retain their status for 60 days if membership lapses, following guidelines in the Membership Handbook and bylaws.

Voting & Elections – Handbook Section 02:03

The Commanding Officer (CO) and Executive Officer (XO) are democratically chosen through a vote by our full members. If any member has concerns, they can initiate a vote of no confidence, requiring 50% + 1 vote to pass. Successful motions lead to elections for new leadership, followed by a one-week transition period for a smooth transfer of responsibilities. The outgoing leaders ensure the new CO and/or XO receive necessary credentials, emphasizing our commitment to responsive governance and a leadership that reflects the collective voice of our members.

See the USS Renaissance Handbook for more details about the crew.

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USS Renaissance Crew Dec 2023

The Crew of the USS Renaissance NCC-74874 – Stardate 202312.27

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The Chief of Intelligence and Communications plays a crucial role in maintaining seamless communication within our crew and STARFLEET International Auxiliaries. Tasked with intelligence gathering, this position requires sharp observation skills and involves reporting directly to the Captain, Command Staff, and the entire crew.

In addition to these responsibilities, this role oversees the Chapter’s Newsletter team, taking the lead in its production and distribution. The creative flair applied to newsletters is essential for keeping the crew well-informed and fostering unity among ship members. The commitment to effective communication and intelligence gathering significantly contributes to the ongoing mission of the USS Renaissance.

CAPT M. DoucetChief of Intelligence & Communications

  • ENS K. Kirk – Senior Communications Coordinator
  • CPO K. Natolochny – Intel & Comms
  • CRMN K. Meaney – Intel & Comms
  • CDT1 A. Doucet – Tactical Surveillance Coordinator


The Chief Science Officer’s duties revolve around two main aspects: fostering the development of Cadets and nurturing a passion for learning within the crew. They provide materials that enable the crew to explore various scientific disciplines, including exobiology, geoscience, spatial anomalies, and climate change.

In their role as the Cadet Program Liaison, the Chief Science Officer creates Cadet Challenge videos, sharing them with our Cadets through our dedicated Cadet Facebook page and Discord channel. This individual seamlessly collaborates with fellow crew members, integrating scientific knowledge into the daily fabric of our ship operations. Their aim is to spark curiosity and cultivate an interest in science among the crew.

LTJG T. Fisher – Chief Science Officer

  • CAPT A. Potts – Xenobiologist
  • ENS2 M. Michaud – Astrophysics
  • PO2 L. Mitson – Ship’s Chef
  • CDT2 A. N. Roberge – Animal Sciences
  • CDT3 H. Berry – Sciences
  • CDT3 L. Berry – Sciences


The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) plays a crucial role in ensuring the health and fitness of our crew. Working in collaboration with STARFLEET Medical, they take the lead in initiatives such as the Medical Academy Challenges, promoting well-being and fostering collaboration on the USS Renaissance. The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) reports to the Assistant Surgeon General in their region.

Under the guidance of the Surgeon General, STARFLEET Medical engages in global collaboration on various medical issues, with a focus on public health, emergency preparedness, wellness and community service. In alignment with Gene Roddenberry’s vision, STARFLEET Medical aspires to noble goals through service, teamwork, and the exchange of medical knowledge.

ENS1 G. Wooltorton – Chief Medical Officer

  • CAPT S. Rosenzweig – Ships Councellor
  • ENS2 H. Harper – Medical
  • CRMN3 Y. Harper – Medical


The Chief of Engineering oversees the technological core of our Sovereign Class Starship, managing warp core, shields, weapons, and shuttles to ensure overall functionality. Engaging in the ship’s narrative development in the Star Trek universe, this role aligns technological components with the series’ legacy. In STARFLEET International, the Corps of Engineering advises and contributes to graphic design, 3D printing, costuming, and more, impacting the wider community. Crew members interested in contributing to the SFI fleet are encouraged to explore opportunities within the Corps of Engineers.

COL A. Reiss – Chief of Engineering/Marines OIC

  • ENS JG M. Iskra – Engineering
  • CRMN3 J. Altenholf – Engineering
  • CRMN A. De Sua – Engineering


The Chief of Operations oversees the critical functions of both the chapter and the ship. Taking charge of online development and maintenance, which encompasses responsibilities such as managing the website and social media, they ensure smooth connectivity and information flow within our ship. This role plays a pivotal part in the upkeep of chapter and crew documents, guaranteeing compliance with STARFLEET International standards. Reporting directly to the Commanding Officer (CO) and Executive Officer (XO, they contribute to operational efficiency and ensure adherence to regulations within the ship. Their duties primarily involve maintaining the ship and crew’s compliance with STARFLEET documentation and membership requirements.

FCAP Randy Mitson – Chief of Operations/XO

  • CAPT “Whitehorse” J. Tierney – Asst. Chief of Operations
  • CMDR B. Jackola – Ten-Forward
  • LT I. Brannan – Operations
  • ENS1 D. Roberge – Yeoman/Red Squad Leader
  • ENS K. Welburn – Operations
  • CDT2 A. M. Roberge – Operations


The primary responsibility of the Chief of Security is to uphold order and ensure the security of our ship. This encompasses tasks such as ensuring the secure closure of shuttle bay doors and airlocks, critical for the safety of our crew. Their vigilant oversight extends to away missions, where they navigate potential hazards like inclement weather, charting the safest routes for the team. Collaborating with STARFLEET’s Marines or Special Operations Auxiliary departments, our Security team plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the ship and its crew, thereby enhancing the overall readiness and resilience of the USS Renaissance.

LT – J Arnoldi – Chief of Security

  • BRD D. Walsh – Marines
  • MAJ A. Miller – Marines Liaison
  • MCPT C. Miller – Marines
  • SGT D. Legault – Security/Klingon Liaison
  • CRMN A Perez – Security


The STARFLEET Cadet program is designed for members of the USS Renaissance that have yet to reach the age of majority.

Upon reaching the age of 18, the Cadet can earn the rank of Ensign, upon the CO’s approval.

MCPO T. Fischer – Cadet Instructor/Chief Science Officer

  • CDT1 A. Doucet – Intel & Comms
  • CDT2 A. N. Roberge – Science
  • CDT2 A. M. Roberge – Operations
  • CDT3 H. Berry – Science
  • CDT3 L. Berry – Science


New members join the crew of the USS Renaissance as new recruits that are unassigned to a paticular department onboard ship.

Once they settle in they are assigned a department and work under and report to the Chief of that Department.

  • MAJ J. O’Donnell – Unassigned
  • LT L. Stead (Nine of Twelve) – Unassigned
  • CRMN J. C. Gray – Unassigned
  • CRMN L. Lightfoot-James – Unassigned
  • CRMN S. Ross – Unassigned


Here on the Renaissance, we recognize the richness of experience which comes from comradely and fellowship with others in the Fleet. Ambassadors on the USS Renaissance foster collaboration with other organizations, having special access to private channels, attending events, and providing valuable insights while upholding impartiality and adherence to club rules.


STARFLEET the International Star Trek Fan Association is proud to bring to its members STARFLEET Petfleet! STARFLEET has members worldwide that have united in the appreciation of the human adventure that is STAR TREK. However, STARFLEET believes that adventure should not only be limited to humans. That is why STARFLEET created PETFLEET, to share that adventure with our pet and mascot friends.
Visit them on Facebook, Discord or their website on the STARFLEET Members hub. You can use this form to register your pets.


  • PCC# 687 Lincoln Mitson
  • PCC# 714 Zoe Mitson – Final Mission
  • PCC# 776 Nero Mitson
  • PCC# 785 Dallas Reiss
  • PCC# 786 Tara Reiss
  • PCC# 787 Austin Reiss
  • PCC# 790 Houstin Reiss
  • PCC# 792 Henry LaBarbera Reiss
  • PCC# 849 Daisy Harper – Final Mission
  • PCC# 1101 Chopper Cameron
  • PCC# 1122 Sushi Mitson
  • PCC# 1139 Leo De Sua
  • PCC# 1145 River Miller
  • PCC# 1155 Whisky Michaud
  • PCC# 1156 Kira Michaud
  • PCC# 1181 Bucky Doucet
  • PCC# 1183 Sydney Doucet


  • PCC# 690 Leigh Mitson
  • PCC# 691 Loki Mitson
  • PCC# 753 Luna Harper
  • PCC# 788 Stella Reiss
  • PCC# 790 Leia Reiss
  • PCC# 791 Tigger Reiss
  • PCC# 849 Willow Harper
  • PCC# 883 Buddy Tierney
  • PCC# 1170 Kauigger Perez
  • PCC# 1182 Growler Jackola
  • PCC# 1184 Nala Doucet


  • PCC# 888 Beni Harper (Fish) – Final Mission
  • PCC# 889 McCoy Harper (Fish)
  • PCC# 890 Gohan Harper (Fish)
  • PCC# 893 Commander Shork Wooltorton (Stuffie)
  • PCC# 793 Jude LaBarbera Reiss (Bearded Dragon)
  • PCC# 794 Gunner LaBarbera Reiss (Potbellied Pig)
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Recognition of Ranks

In STARFLEET on the USS Renaissance, ranks are symbolic achievements earned through accomplishments, devoid of real-world significance. Each crew member is a crucial part of the team, and promotions are based on a point system earned through active participation in events. To seek a promotion, track your points and present them to the Executive Officer (XO) by month-end, with final approval by the Commanding Officer (CO). Field Promotions, granted by the Captain for exceptional service, contribute points toward the desired rank, but earned points must still be used. New members start as Crewman Recruit (E-1) or SFMC Private (E-1), and transferring members retain their previous rank. Moving from enlisted to officer rank requires passing the STARFLEET Academy’s Officer Training School (OTS) exam. Points are spent, not cumulative, and Officially Sanctioned Chapter Events (OSCEs) earn promotion points. Keep in mind, a crew member is limited to one promotion per month. In STARFLEET, it’s about teamwork, recognition, and responsible use of earned ranks. Use our spreadsheet to track and calculate your promotion points.

See Section 04:02 – Ranks and Promotions in the handbook.

Transferring Members

Any member in good standing transferring to the USS RENAISSANCE from another STARFLEET Chapter shall retain their previous rank and position whenever possible, and earn the minimum number of points allotted that rank upon presentation of proof of having earned that rank through legitimate means.

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Make a Star Trek Avatar on Trekkietar for our crew roster and then submit it to our XO, FCap Randy Mitson.

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Come aboard and share the experience. A dedicated crew reaching out, sharing a vision, working as a team to accomplish the common goal of helping in their community. Share quality time with other Star Trek fans in online movie and trivia nights, group chats, social media and so much more. Click on the banner and transport yourself onto a ship that makes a difference. Welcome aboard!