STARFLEET Academy (SFA) is the education/entertainment branch of STARFLEET. SFA offers a wide variety of courses ranging from testing trivial knowledge of the Star Trek universe to expanding general knowledge about the world around us. Courses designed to help build practical skills can be found here as well.

The Academy has a variety of courses for gaining real-world knowledge or testing your knowledge of Star Trek fiction. In addition to learning, courses can also help you increase your rank within STARFLEET International. For each course you pass, you receive 5 promotion points. The more difficult officer training courses are worth 10 promotion points, get Distinction in them and you’ll receive 15 promotional points. Complete any of the Bridge offer Certification Programs and you’ll receive an additional 20 points for each. When you complete all the courses in any given college you get an additional 25 points. You’ll also receive extra promotion points if you complete a 120 course Bachelor Degree (30 points), 180 course Master Degree (40 points), or a 240 course Doctorate Degree (50 points).

Most courses take between 5 to 20 minutes (some can take longer). Taking classes through the academy is an easy way to rack up points for your promotion and have fun!

See our Handbook Section 04 for more details on ranks and promotion.

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Academic Recognition and Awards Program:

At SFA, excellence doesn’t go unnoticed. Our extensive awards program annually celebrates outstanding achievements. The prestigious Red Squad acknowledges the “Best” students, Blue Squad recognizes top Cadets completing courses, and Gold Squad honors families completing their educational journey together. The Boothby Awards, given monthly, highlight members excelling in both STARFLEET Academy and SFMC Academy courses throughout their career.

Officer Training School (OTS):

Embark on your journey at OTS, where new members delve into FLEET operations and make crucial command-level decisions. While all courses are encouraged, OTS provides foundational knowledge essential for your development.

Institutes and Colleges:

For a comprehensive list of Academy Institutes and Colleges, reach out to STARFLEET Academy. Our diverse array of courses covers everything from STARFLEET operations to Trek trivia, ensuring a well-rounded education for all members.

Data Privacy and Protection Courses:

In alignment with our commitment to data security, STARFLEET Academy mandates annual completion of data privacy and protection courses. These courses, such as SFDPP-101 and SFDPP-102, ensure members with access to Personally Identifiable Information (PII) maintain the highest standards of confidentiality.

Mandatory Training for Key Roles:

Certain roles within STARFLEET demand additional responsibility. Corporate officers, board members, Chapter Commanding Officers, and their staff must undergo annual training to safeguard PII. Non-compliance may result in restricted database access.

Responsibilities of Leadership:

Corporate officers and Executive Committees (EC) bear the responsibility of ensuring their staff completes and maintains the required training. Board members and Regional Coordinators oversee staff with database permissions, while Chapter Commanding Officers are accountable for their respective staff. All departments requiring access to PII must monitor and ensure staff training compliance.

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he Bridge Officer Certification Program (BOCP) is a program for STARFLEET Officers who wish to qualify themselves as command-ready in the department of their choice. This opportunity is not one to be taken lightly. The BOCP was created for members of STARFLEET to become “certified” in their chapter department(s) as a command-level officer. This program is similar to the Vessel Readiness Certification Program (VRCP), except this is for individual members instead of an entire department. It is awarded in the STARFLEET Database as an Academy award.

This award is earned by successful completion of the program requirements. This involves earning credits in a specific set of courses from the STARFLEET Academy. You must complete and send in the application in order to earn the certification. You may certify in one or more of thirteen (13) different positions, ranging from Flight Control Officer to Commanding Officer.

Participation in this program is entirely voluntary, and is not required to hold any position in STARFLEET.


Command – The Institute Of Leadership Studies

STARFLEET Command College

Officer Training School Courses

  • OTS
  • OTS Recertification

Officer Command Courses

  • OCC
  • OCC Recertification

Science – The Institute Of Science

College of Physics

  • CP 101 – Introduction to Physics, Part 1
  • CP 102 – Introduction to Physics, Part 2
  • CP 103 – Introduction to Physics, Part 3

Medical – Institute Of Medical Arts

College Of STARFLEET Medical

  • CSME 101 – STARFLEET Medical
  • CSME 102 – Introduction to Sickbay
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Engineering – Institute Of Technology

College Of Engineering

  • CENG 101 – Early Principles and Terms, Part 1
  • CENG 102 – Pre-19th Century Pioneers
  • CENG 103 – 19th & 20th Century Pioneers
  • CENG 104 – Modern Principles and Terms, Part 1
  • CENG 105 – STARFLEET Engineers

STARFLEET Academy and Marine Corp Pages

  • STARFLEET Academy

  • Marine Corp Academy

STARFLEET Academy Course Catalog

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