The USS Renaissance recently had the privilege of hosting a virtual presentation given by Ensign Mariève Michaud, an astute Astrophysics student whose passion for celestial events is as boundless as the cosmos itself. With the upcoming total eclipse on April 8th, 2024, drawing near, Ensign Michaud took it upon herself to ensure that every crew member was prepared to witness this astronomical spectacle safely and knowledgeably.

Her presentation was not only informative, detailing the intricate mysteries of celestial bodies, but also a testament to her selfless dedication to the crew. She meticulously explained the phenomenon, the importance of viewing safety, and even provided certified UV glasses at her own expense to those who needed them. This generous act ensured that all could gaze upon the eclipse without harm, truly embodying the spirit of camaraderie and care that defines the best of STARFLEET.

Ensign Michaud’s efforts reflect the core values of our organization: sharing knowledge, looking out for one another, and fostering a sense of wonder in the exploration of the final frontier. Her contribution to the crew’s eclipse experience will undoubtedly make the event a memorable and safe journey for all.

You can view the full video presentation here.