CHAPTER : USS Renaissance REPORT FOR : Sep, 2023
SUBMITTER : FCAPT Lynn Harper SUBMITTED : 10/04/2023
ADDRESS : 32 Roosevelt Street
CITY : Huntingdon STATE : Quebec
PHONE : 4503749608
CO : FCAPT Lynn Harper CLASS : Sovereign
XO : FCAPT Randy Mitson (Director of Petfleet & WebDev in CofE)
NEWSLETTER : Renaissance News PUBLICATION DATE : 2023-09-01


20254 CAPT Sarah Rosenzweig 10/17/2024
62719 MAJ Anthony Miller 05/31/2025
62720 MCPT Christine Miller 08/05/2024
76092 CAPT Jason Tierney 01/16/2024
81526 LT ian Brannan 05/07/2024
82169 FCAPT Lynn Harper 09/08/2026
82316 COL Adam Reiss 10/21/2024
82347 CMDR Brandi Jackola 10/31/2023
82449 LCDR William Mitson 12/12/2023
82524 FCAPT Randy Mitson (Director of Petfleet & WebDev in CofE) 01/09/2024
82543 LT James Arnoldi 04/17/2024
82962 MCPO Tamara Fisher 05/03/2024
83659 ENS 1C Daniel Roberge 11/11/2023
83660 ENS JG Kira Welburn 11/08/2023
83662 CDT 3C Helen Berry 05/03/2024
83663 CDT 3C Layal Berry 05/03/2024
84025 CRMN David Jackola 01/17/2024
84955 CDT 3C Audrey Roberge Miss 09/08/2026
84956 ENS Heather Harper Ms 09/08/2026
84957 CDT 3C Annabelle Roberge Miss 09/08/2026
85193 LCPL David Legault 10/28/2023
85236 ENS JG Joshua Both 11/08/2023
85568 CRMN Sahra Ross 01/31/2024
85626 ENS JG Kris Leblanc 02/25/2024
85772 ENS 3C Max Cameron 03/31/2024
86138 ENS JG Michael Iskra 07/11/2024
86171 CRMN Yvette Harper 07/14/2024
86231 ENS JG Marieve Michaud 07/23/2024
86237 CRMN Jessie Altenhof 07/25/2024
86258 CRMN Alexander De Sua Mr. 07/31/2024
86354 CRMN Aliza Perez 08/16/2024
86356 CRMN Jonathan Gray Mr 08/16/2024
86488 CRMN Laureen Lightfoot 09/18/2024
86489 CRMN Lori Lightfoot 09/18/2024
86510 CRMN Matthew Doucet 09/28/2024
86511 CDT Aurélie Doucet 09/28/2024
86518 CRMN Kaitlin Meaney 09/30/2024


Randy Mitson (Director of Petfleet & WebDev in CofE)
SFI Medical Awards
Starfleet Medical Service Award – Bronze (1 year) Awarded 09/30/2023


MEETING DATE : 2023-09-01
PROMOTIONS : SCC: 86489 Lori Lightfoot PROMOTED TO Crewman on 09/18/2023
ACTIVITIES : CREW MEETING: We had hoped to have a September meeting – but the month was incredibly busy. However, we have a very active chat (and crew members are quite responsive) and I was able to address many items there. There continues to be a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

Montreal COMICCON: Preparations continue for the Montreal Mini Con in December and we are very excited to take part in this annual event. As previously mentioned, we will be serving alongside our Klingon brothers and will be raising funds for a soon to be determined charity. One new development is that we now have several members in the Montreal area and this will help with manning the booth (and the Captain’s chair) during the event!

New Members: Our roster now stands at 32 active members and there are a couple more in the works! We have given everyone a “billet” on the ship and crew are finding ways of getting involved each week. Our new members are also highly motivated to “rank up” and are doing courses in record numbers.

Social Media Platforms: Our public page continues to be a popular place with 1.3 K followers! Our crew continues to “chat” via messenger and Discord and we spend time throughout the week checking in and “role-playing”.

Events and Challenges: Saturday night social hours continue on the Renaissance and attendance continues to grow! Members have taken on the challenge of One of running a Tuesday night event which links a film to Academy courses and this has become quite popular.
My Second Officer is in the throes of helping me plan a table read in the next few weeks (a request from the crew)…so be on the lookout for that!
Phew! Lots going on!

Respectfully submitted,
Fleet Captain Lynn Harper,
CO, USS Renaissance