Like any good ship, the crew is the most important component!

Aboard the USS Renaissance, we have a number of departments which you may choose to enroll in : Engineering, Intelligence, Medical, Operations, Science and Security.

You do not need to be an expert in the department you choose. Remember, this is for fun!

Upon assignment to a department, you will have a Chief Officer to whom you report. You can work with your Commanding Officer to determine a field specialty. Initially, you will begin as a Crewman and have the opportunity, if you desire, to move up in rank. Rank progression is based on a points system where you will accumulate points from taking courses in the Academy, or involvement in crew activities – this includes our trivia nights, watch parties and other zoom meetings. We encourage participation in all events hosted aboard the Renaissance for you to fully enjoy the experience of being with our team brings.

We also encourage you to bring your furry, scaly or slimy companions aboard! PETFLEET is a recognized group within STARFLEET that allows you to register your pets as crew members.

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Full Members

Full Members of the USS Renaissance are active Voting Members of STARFLEET as described by the STARFLEET Membership section of the currently effective STARFLEET Membership Handbook who choose to affiliate themselves with the USS Renaissance and have paid their chapter dues as outlined in Article VII, Section 1 in the Handbook.

Section 2 Provisional Members

Provisional Members of the USS Renaissance are natural persons who elect to join USS Renaissance, whether or not they are currently defined as Voting Members of STARFLEET as provided in Section 1 above, and except as otherwise provided in Section 4 of this Article in the Handbook.

Section 3 Active Membership

Active Status within the meaning of these bylaws is defined as those members who have attended a General or Special Meeting of the membership within 30 days of any meeting at which any vote of the membership is held. A member shall have Active Status for the purposes of any vote if they are in attendance at the meeting for which a vote is required. Active Status within the meaning of these bylaws shall not be construed to include or affect or be affected active, inactive or reserve or any similar status within the meaning of the STARFLEET International Membership Handbook, Constitution, STARFLEET Marine Corps or other STARFLEET International provision or organization except as it pertains specifically to voting within USS Renaissance.

See the USS Renaissance Handbook page for more details about the crew.

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The Intelligence division was the corps of officer within STARFLEET who specialize in intelligence and counter intelligence activities.

LTC E. Morang – Intelligence Officer / Special Ops


The Science Section acts as the STARFLEET Academy Liaison for the chapter. They coordinate away missions and all science-type projects undertaken by the chapter. Updates science section of databases.

SCPO T. Fischer – Chief Science Officer

  • PO1 B. Regnier – Life Sciences
  • CRMN D. McCreless
  • PO3 L. Mitson – Ship’s Chef


Led by a Chief Medical Officer, a Doctor or highest ranking RN onboard the Renaissance. Member of Senior Staff responsible for first aid and any meeting, events. Can arrange group training for CPR etc. May post bulletins or health advisories on social media for club. CMO is in charge of all staff assigned to medical

ENS G. Wooltorton – Chief Medical Officer

  • PO3 A. Walsh – Medical
  • CRMN H. Harper


The Engineering Section acts as our network administration as needed at ship functions and away missions. They are also the FCC Control Operator and IT Services for running of social media.

LCDR Tuix Tre’goK – Chief of Engineering

  • CRMN L. Guttman


Chapter communications officers serve under the Chief of Operations, which are our Webmaster, Newsletter Editor, Audio/Video Editor and Public Information Officers.

Apply for – Chief of Operations

  • LT Nine of Twelve
  • ENSJG D. Roberge – Yeoman/Red Squad Leader
  • LT I. Brannan


Chief of Security is responsible for 3 divisions. Security, Tactical and Weapons as outlined in the Bridge Officer Certification program of the STARFLEET Academy. The Section is responsible for ship security, assisting the X.O. with internal investigations and emergency preparation. They also act as escorts, table security at Cons and guard dignitaries during meetings if applicable

LTJG – J Arnoldi – Chief of Security

  • CRMN D. McCreless
  • LT W. Taylor
  • PVT D. Legault


The STARFLEET Cadet program is designed for members of the USS Renaissance that have yet to reach the age of majority.

A cadet can earn the rank of Ensign Junior Grade when they reach the age of 15 years and upon reaching the age of 18, the Cadet can earn the rank of Ensign, upon the CO’s approval.

  • CDT 1C K. Welburn
  • CDT H. Berry
  • CDT L. Berry
  • CDT A. N. Roberge
  • CDT A. M. Roberge


Here on the Renaissance, we recognize the richness of experience which comes from comradely and fellowship with others in the Fleet. We appreciate our “Ambassadors” who regularly attend our events and take part in our Facebook dialogue.

  • Fleet Captain J. Hardy – Region 20 Official Renaissance Ambassador – USS Essex
  • Fleet Captain Erin Poole – Region 1 – USS Sandwich
  • Commander Chris P ChickenSandwich – Region 1 – USS Sandwich
  • XO Marine Major N’Mira K’tal vestai-House Remjar – KAG IKV Rising Phoenix


STARFLEET the International Star Trek Fan Association is proud to bring to its members PETFLEET! STARFLEET has members worldwide that have united in the appreciation of the human adventure that is STAR TREK. However, STARFLEET believes that adventure should not only be limited to humans. That is why STARFLEET created PETFLEET, to share that adventure with our pet and mascot friends.
Visit them on Facebook.


  • Woofman Buddy PCC # 681
  • Woofman Remmington PCC # 682
  • Woofman Lincoln PCC # 687
  • Woofman Oka PCC #689
  • Woofman Zoe PCC # 714


  • Crewmeown Molly PCC # 688
  • Crewmeown Toby PCC # 675
  • Crewmeown Fred PCC # 438
  • Crewmeown Leia PCC # 690
  • Crewmeown Loki PCC # 691
  • Crewmeown Mika PCC # 689
  • Crewmeown Luna Harper PCC # 753
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Recognition of Ranks

The USS Renaissance recognizes all enlisted, officer, and flag ranks that are acknowledged by STARFLEET as stated in the STARFLEET Membership Handbook and the SFMC Marine Force Manual.

Transferring Members

Any member transferring to the USS NOMAD from another STARFLEET Chapter shall retain their previous rank and position whenever possible, and earn the minimum number of points allotted that rank upon presentation of proof of having earned that rank through legitimate means.

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Come aboard and share the experience. A dedicated crew reaching out, sharing a vision, working as a team to accomplish the common goal of helping in their community. Share quality time with other Star Trek fans in online movie and trivia nights, group chats, social media and so much more. Click on the banner and transport yourself onto a ship that makes a difference. Welcome aboard!